Course in basic vibration analysis

This is a basic course in vibration measurement and analysis. The course is suitable for those who are new to the subject, those who just need a basic understanding of vibration analysis, and those who read and interpret vibration reports.

The course is held by an experienced instructor with high knowledge in vibration analysis. It will be shown examples and case studies from a variety of industries, and we have materials, 3D animations and simulators that make it easier to understand.

During the course we will go through several important topics:

• How and why condition-based maintenance.

• Demonstration of vibration measurements and analysis of data with embedded machine error.

• How and why vibrates machines even if they are ok.

• How does the vibration when an error occurs in the machine.

• Become familiar with the terminology and measuring devices:

o FFT, Hz, RPM, Velocity, Acceleration, Displacement, rms, peak, etc..

• What is a vibrational spectrum (FFT)?

• How to analyze the most common machine errors that imbalance, leaning creation, bearing damage, gears and more.


Coursetime: 1 day

Price: 3100 NOK

Course Instructor: Kent Addison Long

The course is recommended combined with product training courses for Vibscanner

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