ISO Category Courses

Together with Mobius Institute we can provide courses that are unique in the world of vibration analysis training. To make theory easier to understand we use 3D animations and software simulations. The animations take you inside the machine and show you why failures occur and how the vibration changes as the condition worsens. Mobius Institute software simulators provide another level of understanding; they give you the ability to adjust the type and severity of a machine fault and visually see the relationship of the fault and the corresponding vibration signal. In addition, we have interactive case histories with actual vibration data that can be fed into your instruments and software so you can hone your diagnostic skills. Our courses blend the important theoretical concepts with practical techniques to ensure that the trained analysts can put their knowledge to work with confidence.

When you register for a Mobius Institute course, you are also provided unlimited access to the Mobius Learning Zone, allowing you to view the courses in their entirety as presented by our founder, Jason Tranter. This unique offering allows Mobius students to have more exposure to the topics and understand which topics are more challenging… before you even get to the classroom. After your course, you will retain access to the Distance Learning system for 6 months to review topics of interest.

ISO Category I/ASNT Level I

This course covers the fundamentals of vibration analysis and how to collect quality, repeatable data. It includes an introduction to spectrum analysis, and provides an overview of different maintenance practices and other condition monitoring techniques. It is suitable for those who have performed vibration analysis for less than one year, or for reliability engineers, predictive maintenance program managers or other maintenance staff that would like to understand condition monitoring and vibration analysis.

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ISO Category II/ASNT Level II

This course expands upon the fundamentals of vibration analysis. It enables the analyst to configure the data collector and collect quality data, and to analyze a wide range of fault conditions, and gain an understanding of balancing and alignment. It focuses on spectrum analysis and analyzing time waveforms, enveloping (demodulation) and phase measurements. The course is suitable for those who have been performing vibration analysis for more than six months, and have a good understanding of its fundamentals.

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ISO Category III/ASNT Level III

The level III course is intended for analysts who are confident with spectrum analysis, but wish to learn more about signal processing, time waveform- and phase analysis, cross-channel testing, machine dynamics, and more. It enables you to solve the entire range of fault conditions, and understand resonance, ODS and modal analysis. This is the course for analysts who wish to truly master vibration analysis and be able run a successful condition monitoring team.

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