Vacuum Pressure Impregnation

Karsten Moholt has one of world’s largest vacuum pressure impregnation tanks. VPI- (Vacuum Pressure impregnation) process is the core of precision maintenance for rotating electrical machinery when it comes  to efficiency, reliability and lifetime extension. 

Karsten Moholt has one of the world's largest independent VPI tanks, which measures  4 meters in diameter and 4,5 meters in depth.

What is Vacuum Pressure Impregnation?

Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI) is a process used to assimilate different resins into various components.  VPI process is often used to impregnate various electrical machinery in order to increase dielectric and mechanical strength and to achieve greater thermal inductivity and superior protection of the machinery or it’s components. 


• Extends the lifetime of the machine.

• Reduces the need for maintenance.

• Is the best protection against all external influences such as oil, moisture, salt and chemicals in the environment.

. • Improves performance and reliability of the machine even in the harshest operating environments.

• Is the most effective way to eliminate voids and air bubbles in the windings which can cause "hot spots" in the coils if not eliminated.

• Improves mechanical strength of the machine.

• Seals windings from moisture and vibration.

• Is superior to other methods for lifetime extension such as impregnation spray or dip coating.

• Provides increased mechanical strength and corona protection of the windings.

• Provides low thermal resistance which lowers the machines average operating temperature.

• Improves machines thermal conductivity.

• Increases the dielectric properties between coils and between coils and ground.

Types of machinery and components that can be vacuum pressure impregnated

• High-voltage and low-voltage machines

• Machines with high temperature

• Transformers

• HID ballasts

• Stators

• Motors and generators

• Inverters

• Coils


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Look at the video below to see our new VPI tank arriving to the workshop on Askøy!

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