Svein Bjarne Stordal, on his first assignment offshore in 1986

Svein Bjarne Stordal, Technical Director

If you are visiting Karsten Moholt and hear the words ”we will do our best to solve it” from a man speaking into a mobile phone, then you have probably just run into Technical Director, Svein Bjarne Stordal.


Svein joined Karsten Moholt in 1985 as head of the machine shop. ’Back then we were about 35 employees handling every aspect of the repair cycle. Later I became a service engineer and head of
offshore operations. I have travelled so much that I think I’ve been to every installation in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea.’ 

Since 2009 Svein has been the company’s Technical Director. The Technical Support department has three highly qualified employees in addition to Svein that work together as a team on the most challenging projects. ‘We primarily offer technical support for large machinery. Often they’re turbine-powered alternators or high-voltage motors of 20 - 40 MW or more,’ says Svein.


’More often than not, our department’s projects involves travel and field work. Our new workshop at Askøy has plenty of space and cranes that can lift up to 100 tonnes, something which makes it practical to bring bigger machines into the shop for repair. But often, the machines we handle are built into the
structure, which means it isn’t possible to dismantle them and ship them to a workshop. The challenge is when we have to come up with solutions in places that cranes or other tools cannot reach. We have to think outside the box and be flexible, while also maintaining safety and that renowned Karsten Moholt level of quality’ says Svein with commitment.


’That’s why it is so exciting to work here. No two days are the same. I’m probably the kind of person who prefers challenges to routine,’ says Svein. This is also reflected in Svein’s private life - he likes working on projects. One such project was a cabin in Skilbrei in the Sunnfjord district. ’The cabin was dilapidated and
we spent two years completely refurbishing it. Now it is a gathering place for our family where I have time to be with my kids and grandchildren,’ Svein explains.

’We make our living from taking on challenges around the world,’ says Svein as an explanation for why he never turns off his phone. Even when Svein is fishing off the jetty outside his cabin, his phone is always in his inside pocket. ’I’m not stressed by being available; it’s become a lifestyle for me. The whole world
is our workplace and there are lots of time-zones. If a motor or generator breaks down then we have to help out. Unfortunately, breakdowns happen far too often and when they do, every minute counts.


During the interview the phone has been ringing constantly. A number of employees have also come in to discuss solutions for projects. 

Svein is a popular man and several cite his dedication and his creative problem-solving abilities as his strongest assets. Any inquiry made is met with a can-do attitude and the belief that anything can be solved. 

We ask him whether he has a way for his customers to avoid breakdowns, given he has a solution for practically everything else. ’Many companies have good monitoring systems in place for the
mechanical workings of their machinery, but not so for the electrical part. By focusing on better monitoring, customers reduce the risk of breakdowns and increase the possibility for planned overhauls that remain on time and budget,’ responds Svein, before picking up the phone.

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