Tord Glesnes

Workshop manager Tord Glesnes has witnessed the company’s development through 44 years. Now, he is glad to see all departments united at Askøy.

“I started working here on 5 May 1970, as an assistant rewinder. At the time, the branch at Klosteret had ten employees and six who workedwith submarines. When I hear the name Karsten Moholt I still think of the man who started the company, “the chief”, Tord says and smiles.
“Karsten Moholt is my family. I’ve seen the company develop and have been allowed to be part of the journey. Now Linn has taken a vital step towards gathering all departments in our new headquarters at Askøy. With all of us in one place we are able to reduce delivery times and be more flexible.”


More than 20 years ago, Tord’s son Tommy started working in the company as a rewinder. He became head of the Condition Monitoring Department 15 years ago when Karsten junior was looking for someone to start working with CM. “The CM department is now an essential part of our business”, he states. This is what it is all about: developing and daring to invest in knowledge.

“We started out repairing Mixmasters, and now we perform advanced vibration measurements”, he says. “But we always maintained our focus on quality, and that is what has enabled us to grow as a company.” While new machines have become simpler and more lightweight, Karsten Moholt has also focused on repairing the old ones. Old engine housings are heavier and more solid than new. “A well-kept engine can last 30–40 years”, Tord says enthusiastically. One rule was more important than anything else in the 1970s: no electrical tape or strips inside the windings. “That rule still applies. There aren’t any shortcuts – things must be done properly”, Tord adds.


In his ten years as workshop manager, he has always found it important to be thorough. He wants to pass on as much knowledge as possible to his staff. “44 years of experience with rotating equipment makes Tord an indispensable asset to our company”, says production Director Arne Hammer. “There are no problems he has not already encountered. His office becomes a natural meeting place where we discuss big and small challenges.”

“Working at Karsten Moholt has been an adventure”, says Tord. For 44 years he has looked forward to going to work in the morning. The company has always dared to invest, to enter new fields and encourage visionary thought. “We have invested in CM, EX, high voltage and rotating equipment. We focus on lifetime extension and
on our Total Concept, where we provide service for all parts of the equipment”, he adds. The goal is to become a world-leading service centre for electrical rotating equipment.

After 44 years in the company, he has no intention of retiring just yet. “At a company Christmas party many years ago, I promised Karsten junior that I would work here until I was 80. And at Karsten Moholt we are known for keeping our promises”, says Tord, laughing.

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Tord enjoys working in the workshop and are looking forward to the new workshops in Askøy

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Heine Schrøder is apprentice at the winding workshop and get close up training from Tord

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Tord keeps internal and external courses on AC and DC motors. The courses focus on practical work in the workshop.

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