Total concept

Entire lifecycle

Karsten Moholt can look after the entire lifecycle of an installation, from development and project planning to service, maintenance and repairs. With Karsten Moholt on your side, you are assured more stable and reliable operation of your plant.

For generations, Karsten Moholt has built up an enormous amount of expertise in all areas of the process. The company calls this its Total Concept, which allows it to look after everything from planning and engineering, to installation, testing operation, service and maintenance. In this way, Karsten Moholt assumes total responsibility for its deliveries throughout a product's lifetime. The company does this so that it may best look after its customer's equipment. With Total Concept, our customers have one point of contact and clearly defined areas of responsibility, which means guarantees do not simply fade into thin air.

Karsten Moholt always has its customer's costs in focus, which means it will be as flexible as possible in order to achieve what is best for its customers. This is why the company has established a world-leading Condition Monitoring department. The department monitors the equipment and performs analyses, which allows it to assess the condition of the equipment. In this way, the equipment is not overhauled or repaired unnecessarily. This saves the customer money and means they only need to perform maintenance when necessary. More and more are becoming aware of this type of maintenance, and it will most likely become the dominant maintenance pattern in the future.


Karsten Moholt's engineers calculate, plan and ensure that equipment and associated elements are suitable for the planned area of use.


The company's experienced staff ensure that the equipment is installed in accordance with relevant regulations. This helps ensure longer life and more stable operations.


Using advanced vibration measurement, high-voltage testing or thermography, Karsten Moholt monitors critical components. The company then draws up analyses which allow it to assess the remaining life of the components.


Karsten Moholt's skilled staff service and maintain the components that need it. The company has its own field service department whose staff travel in Norway and abroad to service equipment onsite. Major maintenance jobs and repairs are undertaken at the company's modern workshop on Askøy.