For generations, Karsten Moholt has built up an enormous amount of expertise in all areas of the process.
We call this our Total Concept. Total Concept enables us to take care of everything from planning and design to installation, testing, service and maintenance. Karsten Moholt takes full responsibility for our products throughout the products lifetime.

In order to provide increased service life of the customer's products, we want to raise the competence of those responsible for the daily maintenance, through courses and seminars.
Bespoke courses and training packages are available to suit your individual company needs.
Please contact the training course team at:

Course in basic vibration analysis

This is an introduction to vibration measurement and vibration analysis which also covers maintenance strategies focusing on condition-based and reliability-based maintenance.
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Reliability og CM 

This course provides a brief overview of the condition-based maintenance and precision maintenance practices, a review of the condition monitoring technologies, and an introduction to root cause failure analysis, acceptance testing, and the FMECA process.
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Category I-III courses that exceeds the ISO 18436-2 and ASNT Level I-III will help engineers, PdM program mangers and other maintenance staff to understand condition monitoring with a focus on vibration alaysis.
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The course examines the various types of dry insulated transformers, types of construction and how to operate. Focus on appropriate sizing and applications for various types of transformers.
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Training courses in daily operation, maintenance and safety of forklifts in EX areas.
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Basics in shaft alignment

We offer beginners courses in shaft alignment. The focus will be on alignment lasers from PRUFTECHNIK, who are market leaders in the instruments that we distribute.
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The course examines the slide, roller and ball bearings as well as the application of these. The importance of correct positions, lubrication and maintenance. Practical exercises in our workshops. 
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The course will help technician understand DC machine and follows the logical progression through maintenance.
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AC motor

The course will help technician understand AC machine and follows the logical progression through maintenance.
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Synchronus altonators and automatic voltage regulators

The course provides a general introduction to synchronous generators and motors and how they are constructed?
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