Startup of voltage regulators for emergency fire pumps

Customer: Bergen Group
Location: Statfjord A, B og C

Karsten Moholt has an extensive agreement with Bergen Group regarding replacement of the systems for emergency fire pumps and generators. This agreement includes systems at Statfjord A, B and C. There has been a continuous upgrading of pumps and generators  and Karsten Moholt has been hired to adjust the regulators connected to the new systems. The voltage regulators that are being used are manufactured by Basler Electric.
The regulators have been adjusted and calibrated in order to function optimally. This is done by regulating the voltage from the generator so that the output is a constant voltage. The voltage remains constant during drop/rise of load on the system, and the regulator coordinates with other systems running in parallel. If one of the systems should fall out, the others will take up the extra load. The regulators are calibrated to make these transitions as fast and smooth as possible.