Online Vibration analysis on Eirik Raude

Date: January 2006
Location: Nigeria

The online condition monitoring (CM) department at Karsten Moholt has an agreement with Ocean Rig regarding an online vibration CM system. The agreement includes amongst other the Eirik Raude Rig, where thrusters and drilling equipment are to be monitored.
The vibration sensors are fixed on the machines. The measurements are done automatically once a day, and the data is sent by email to Karsten Moholts analysis center. The software sorts the incoming data into the right database. The system will give warning if the vibration values exceed set limits. If a sensor is defect, this will also be alerted so that it can be replaced. Ocean Rig receives monthly reports with analysis. 
While monitoring the condition of motors and gears all the time it is much easier to avoid machine failure. To have the machines regularly checked and overhauled at a workshop is expensive and time consuming. In addition, it is unnecessary if the machine is in a good condition, and too late if you wait until it fails. While monitoring the condition, the customer is early aware of weaknesses in the bearings. This makes it easier to plan an overhaul before there is a risk of breakdown.