New PReMIses

Storbotn Industrial Estate, Askøy. 

We are all looking forward to the completion of the new premises at Askøy, and not least to showing it to our customers!

The completion is set to the turn of the year 2013/14.  Construction phase 2 involves new workshops and a new office building with locker room and canteen facilities. Phase 2 will also result in a 1500 square metre warehouse and a new workshop, measuring more than 500 square metres, for the forklift and pump departments. The forklift and pump departments are presently situated at Laksevåg, but with the completion of the new site all activities will be united in Storebotn.

A considerable expansion of capacity

The first phase of the relocation process will commence by the end of July. The first step is moving into the phase 2 premises, the- reafter we will relocate the workshops and finally all the offices. By then, new equipment well be in place and running, including a VPI tank, counterbalance workbenches, a vacuum furnace and drying and burnout fur- naces. This means a considerable expansion of our capacity, including enhanced crane capacity.

All buildings are now impermeable on the outside, the interior work has begun and the concrete floors of the workshops are poured. The existing workshop for heavy machinery in Storebotn has been fully operational through the entire construction period, with no major interruptions or com- plications. All our activities are maintained as normal, but when all flats are ready and asphalted the workday will be easier for everyone in Storebotn.

Welcome to our new premises in 2014!