Generations of experience


Karsten Moholt is a concept. For three generations, the company has been synonymous with world class quality and service. This is why Karsten Moholt is the preferred partner of many of the world's most exciting companies.

The Karsten Moholt story began in 1945. As a newly graduated electrical engineer from the College of Engineering in Bergen, Karsten Moholt decided to start a winding workshop. Immediately after the end of the Second World War, he started a company with three employees in leased premises in Inndalsveien, Bergen. After a few months, the workshop moved to Skottegaten, and then in 1950 it moved to Klosteret in Nordnes in Bergen. At this point, the company had eight employees.

During the early years, the company primarily offered ship and industry service. However, the company grew rapidly and in the 70s and 80s, Karsten Moholt developed into a centre of electro-mechanical expertise serving the needs of a worldwide market. The size of the orders increased steadily and in 1974 the company moved into new premises in Michael Krohnsgate in Bergen. This is where the firm is still currently based, but in 2012 the company will move to even bigger and more modern premises on the island of Askøy.

In 1991, the founder's son, Karsten Moholt, took over the company. With his expertise, business acumen and motivation, he developed the then small enterprise with 25 employees to a large company employing 170. His son, Karsten Alexander Moholt, began working in the company in 1999 and became a part of the management team. Tragically, both were killed in 2009 when an Air France plane flying from Brazil to Paris crashed into the Atlantic. In June 2009, Karsten Moholt's daughter, Linn Cecilie Moholt, who had been part of the company since 2002, immediately took over as Managing Director. Under her leadership, the company has not only maintained, but also strengthened its position in the market.

Today, the company is the preferred partner of many of the world's most exciting companies. Karsten Moholt has special expertise and three generations of experience with electro-mechanical machines and motors. This makes it one of the world's leading company's in this field. Loyal and skilled employees have allowed the company to obtain this position. Today, the company has 180 highly-skilled and motivated employees working in modern, functional facilities, as well as loyal customers who value quality. It is Karsten Moholt's ambition to strengthen and develop this position.