Ex-register and inspection

Karsten Moholt has a broad expertise within Ex discipline and can assist it’s customers with inspection and register of Ex equipment onboard. The Ex survey and register is done in accordance to the procedures that are approved by DNV. 

EX- register

- Karsten Moholt’s personnel will check existing register of Ex equipment in order to find out whether it has been maintained in accordance to existing rules and regulations.

- If necessary, customer’s suppliers will be contacted in order to obtain missing documentation.  

- Ex register will be made in the format that is approved by DNV.

Ex register can be made for:

- New rigs being built in Norway and abroad in order to make a comprehensive Ex register that is required for a new rig to start it’s operations.

- Older rigs in order to make sure the Ex register is up to date and all the changes that have been done in the rig during the years are registered.

Ex- inspection

Ex inspections are done in accordance with IEC 60079-17. During the inspection our engineers will:

- Check  Documentation in connection to Ex equipment onboard.

- perform Visual inspection and document discrepancies that are found after inspection.

- register Missing/changed Ex equipment and update documentation.

- set Intervals for new inspections.

- issue A final report.

Please contact us for more information:

Tel: +47 55 94 34 00

Email: service@kmoas.no