Condition Monitoring

Karsten Moholt’s Condition Monitoring Department is the first to be certified by Det Norske Veritas (DNV) to perform condition-based maintenance on mobile offshore units. 

Condition monitoring uses a range of techniques to monitor equipment in order to predict when it needs maintenance. Evaluating the condition of machinery makes it possible to track significant changes that indicate developing failure. Instead of following predefined maintenance cycles, one performs maintenance when it is necessary. For our clients, this is a more cost-effective solution, and if carried out by qualified personnel, it may lead to a formidable improvement in maintenance.

 Condition Monitoring Department in Karsten Moholt:

  • Is a top supplier of mechanical and electrical condition monitoring services and products
  • Offers condition monitoring programs that hold enormous saving potential for our clients
  • Has vibration analysis personnel that are certified to perform machinery condition monitoring and machine diagnostics according to ISO standard ISO18436-2, Category II & III
  • Is authorized by Mobius Institute to hold ISO-certified courses in vibration measurement and analysis

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